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We are developing a foster network throughout the Yukon, which includes recruiting and screening foster homes, and providing training for animals in foster homes.  In doing so, Kona’s Coalition endeavours to ensure that all animals requiring foster care are placed in loving, caring, and stable homes best suited to the animal.

It is of the utmost concern to Kona’s Coalition that the physical, emotional and behavioural needs of the animal are fully met in their new homes.  Since the animals do not have the ability to choose their foster families, Kona’s Coalition must act in their best interests.

Animals most likely to be placed in foster homes from Kona’s Coalition include:

  • Pets rescued from abuse, abandonment, or injury;
  • Those belonging to families undergoing undue hardships (e.g. owner illness, abusive home situation, owner death);
  • Those rescued by good Samaritans (e.g. finding injured dog in the ditch).

Kona’s Coalition will provide food for the foster animal while in care. The foster family is responsible to notify Kona’s Coalition when they require food.

Kona’s Coalition will pay for medical care and vaccinations while in care. It is the responsibility of the foster family to notify Kona’s Coalition when their foster animal is in need of medical care and/or vaccines. Foster homes are not to make their own appointments with the veterinarian clinics unless authorized.

Animals that need spay/neuter will be sterilized while in foster care. Sterilization is in place to help improve the general health and well-being of the animal, and to make a positive impact on the community’s pet overpopulation problem. Potential foster homes owning unaltered animals will explain the reason the animal is unaltered before being permitted to foster from Kona’s Coalition.

Would you like to become a foster parent today?

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