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Kona’s Coalition believes that responsible pet parenting includes preventing pet overpopulation through spaying (female) or neutering (male) of animals which are not part of a responsible breeding program.

Spaying/neutering is the most effective means of decreasing proliferation of unwanted pets as well as providing considerable health benefits. Spaying and neutering are safe routine procedures. In addition to preventing the birth of unwanted animals, spaying/neutering also provides important health and behavioural benefits, including a reduction in sexual and territorial behaviours (aggression, urine marking, roaming, yowling, etc.) and a reduction in the risk of some diseases (mammary and uterine cancers, prostatic diseases). Altered pets are also less likely to roam, thus reducing the risk of injury, accident and loss.

As for all veterinary procedures, pet parents should consult with their veterinarians and discuss the optimum age for spaying or neutering their pet.