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Madeleine Girard

Originally from Quebec, I moved to the Yukon in 1982 to pursue a career in healthcare. After having worked in most Yukon communities, I settled in Whitehorse in 1987.
I love spending time with and caring for animals. I believe our pets understand and communicate emotions. These devoted companions love and comfort us and ask for little in return.
As pet parents, we are responsible for the health and welfare of our beloved animals. From providing them with food to ensuring they have regular exercise; from having them immunized against preventable diseases to having them spayed/neutered for a longer, happier life; from keeping them safe from harm to providing them with adequate shelter, pet owners take on huge commitments when adding a pet to the household.
That is why I am delighted to be a member of Kona’s Coalition, an organization whose mandate recognizes the importance of improving animal welfare by offering financial support to needy individuals when a pet is ill or injured, providing education to the population, and advocating for legislative reform.