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Jordi Mikeli-Jones

I have lived in the Yukon since 1986, and consider myself a true Yukoner! After serving on the Humane Society Yukon board for nearly six years, I resigned as President in 2011. In an effort to grieve and honour the memory of my dog, Kona, who was tragically killed on February 11, 2011, I founded Kona’s Coalition. I was acutely aware of a void in animal welfare services existing throughout the Yukon, whereby pet parents could not obtain financial or emotional support for animals in serious peril. I consider myself very lucky to be able to fuse my two passions: music and animals. Over the last eight years, I have volunteered thousands of hours and raised more than $130,000 for Yukon animals (and people) in need. I am excited at fast evolution of our society, and by staying small, we are able to tackle big problems in a fast way. I look toward making new partnerships as we move forward, with the common goal of improving animal welfare in the Yukon.