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Come visit us at:

308 Elliott Street (Inside Triple J's Music)Whitehorse

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Phone: (867) 334-4224

You can also donate via PayPal using the link at the top right of the page

Our Goal

Kona’s Coalition provides financial assistance to help cover the high costs associated with caring for animals needing urgent veterinary treatment.

How Do We Provide Financial Aid?

Our Grant Program has an easy application and quick approval process.

Once an application has been submitted, applicants may expect a response within two business days. Life threatening situations requiring immediate decisions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

No contributions are EVER given directly to individuals.

Upon approval of application and scheduling of treatment, funding is forwarded directly to the treating veterinarian.

Funding resources are limited and Kona’s Coalition makes every effort to use the funds in the most responsible way. Kona’s Coalition reserves the right to deny funding.

How You Can Help

Kona’s Coalition relies solely on fundraising efforts and donations to sustain the organization. Thanks to our generous fundraisers and donors, Kona’s Coalition has provided close to $12000 in financial assistance in its first year of existence!

Ways you can contribute financially to the continued success of Kona’s Coalition:

  • Donate a percentage of your sales
  • Start a workplace giving and matching campaign
  • Host a fundraising event for the benefit of Kona’s Coalition. Examples include: barbecue, bake sale, silent
  • auction, yard sale, dog walk/jog, etc.)
  • Collect donations from visitors to your retail location
  • Make a donation through our PayPal account
  • Participate in Sunstroke, Res-Q, and other advertised fundraising events for Kona’s Coalition

Check out our pamphlet: Kona Pamphlet

Grant Application Form: Funding_Application