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Kona’s Coalition intends on taking an active role in making submissions to territorial and municipal governments for proposed legislative amendments, including proposed changes to By-Laws, codes of practice and other government guidelines, and lobbying for legislative reform.

We aim to:

  • inform Yukoners of recent developments in the law and recent court decisions regarding animal welfare;
  • educate the public on ethical animal practices;
  • contribute to enhance existing animal welfare and protection laws;
  • create a community of concerned citizens to stand up for animals.

We plan to accomplish this through a range of methods such as information sessions, education at the school level, press releases, our Facebook page, and our website.

Did You Know?

Under the authority of the Municipal Act, council may pass bylaws for a wide variety of municipal purposes. The Animal Control By-Laws were last revised in 2012.

In 2013, the Yukon Government – departments of Environment (Animal Health Unit) and Energy, Mines and Resources (Agriculture Branch) – sought opinions from Yukoners regarding proposed changes to the Yukon Animal Act in place since 1997.  As a result, a modernized Animal Health Act came into effect on January 1, 2014.