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Kona’s Coalition is actively seeking TEMPORARY FOSTER HOMES for our VOLUNTEER FOSTER CARE PROGRAM – a new and revolutionary initiative under our “SAFE HAVEN FOR PETS” Program. We have been working on this program for six months now, and it is intended to prevent further violence against women and children, the elderly and clients with disabilities.

Our pilot project is getting off the ground in Whitehorse, but we envision setting up a Yukon-wide network of foster families in rural communities who will assist with providing temporary foster care of animals living in domestic abuse dwellings.The infrastructure is incredibly intricate, and in order for this program to be effective, we need to recruit and screen AMAZING volunteers willing to take in these animals for up to 30 days (or longer in some exceptional cases).

Our volunteer foster care providers participate in training to enable them to care for the animals in a safe, nurturing environment. Our training will be in sessions, and related to the cycle of domestic violence, confidentiality, and behaviours specific to animals residing in household turmoil.

Do you, or someone you know, want to make a real, significant difference in the lives of animals and people?

Do you have the ability to care for domestic animals or livestock?

Are you prepared to undergo home visits, police background checks, provide references and receiving training?

Would you open your heart and home for these animals?

If so, we need you!! The first step is to submit a completed Volunteer Foster Care Provider Application.



Please contact us via email at konascoalition@gmail.com or call 334-4224.