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NEW FLYER FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION –Tulie Reward– PLEASE HELP AND SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW ASAP I have tracked down Jane’s mom, who is currently residing in the NWT. I have confirmed that Jane’s name was TULIE. Tulie was born on May 13, 2014 in Carcross, Yukon. She was adopted out to a couple between the dates of August 8 and August 26. I have updated photos of Tulie while she was alive and prospering – these were taken and posted around August 27. I am happy to report that for the time she was in their care, she was treated very well and LOVED! This woman went to help a friend clean out her house on Taylor Street. As she was bleaching the floors, she put Tulie outside at a neighbours house, as they had a rope tied to a cement block. She could hear Tulie whining. She only had her outside for 20 minutes, noticed it was quiet, and went outside to discover Tulie had been dognapped. Tulie was taken from a property on Taylor Street around mid-October, 2014. The woman states that she canvassed the neighbourhood, made posters and contacted the animal shelters. I am attempting to track down the exact date that Tulie was taken. Please look closely at my new updated flyer, as these pictures will be far more helpful in determining where she may have gone in Whitehorse. Do you know of someone who came into possession of a black dog in October? I will be getting hundreds of these flyers printed, and will definitely need more help getting them out there. Thank you for your support. Please spread this asap!